Bridge Inspection Unit

Waratah Constructions would like to introduce you to our Automatic Bridge Access Unit. This lightweight bridge access unit allows safe access for all inspections and repairs both underneath and along the sides of any bridge.

Our Bridge Access Unit has a narrow width of 1.6 metres which allows the unit to access pedestrian bridges as well as vehicle bridges. It can also be set up on the pedestrian footpath while allowing traffic to move freely behind it while in use.

It can be moved by the operator while they are working underneath or alongside the bridge, and has 240 volt power outlets to run electrical power tools.

Its unique design allows access over the bridge barrier. It has the capacity to reach down 4.1 metres from the road surface, and 5.1 metres along the bridge. It has a carrying capacity of 200kg, which allows 2 persons and their equipment on the platform at any one time.

Our team will deliver to site, set up and maintain the unit while your work is undertaken.

For an obligation free quote or to discuss your needs, please feel free to contact us at any time, and one of our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you.


The benefits of our bridge access unit allows users to carry out any of the following procedures safely at all times:

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